SCK•CEN is your partner for the provision of legally recognised dosemeters, and assists you with respect to the analysis and reporting of the measurement results. Numerous companies, hospitals and dentists rely on the dosimetry service of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre. Our strength: we combine more than 50 years of professional experience with ongoing research into the latest developments.

A dosemeter: a requirement for you?

Radioactive substances and certain devices emit ionising radiation that can be a health hazard. For this reason, legal limits determine the maximum radiation dose a person may receive, occupationally or non-occupationally. Ionising radiation cannot be detected by the human senses, but it is possible to measure the accumulated dose by wearing a dosemeter.

A dosemeter will not protect a person against the risks of ionising radiation, but allows for the detection and monitoring of the radiation doses a person is exposed to. Wearing a dosemeter is mandatory for certain professions. Dosemeters have to meet strict requirements, defined in standards.

Research centre for peaceful applications of radioactivity

As a research centre dealing with peaceful applications of radioactivity, SCK•CEN is an indispensable part of our society. We perform forward-looking research and develop sustainable technology. In addition, we organise training courses, we offer specialist services and we act as a consultancy.